The Fine Art of Picture Framing

EST. 2004

Cadre, The Fine Art of Picture Framing, opened in June 2004. Framing designer and owner, Heidi L. Knodle, has created for Cadre's clients a unique educational experience in museum quality picture framing. 

Cadre, meaning framework, is a frame shop that specializes in original antique frames, new construction of period-style moldings, on-site consulting of fine art design and installation, custom mirrors, archival quality picture framing , French detail and Cadre's own modern and historical drawing frames. 

Cadre designers focus on the art of period framing using traditional techniques and design.  We work from a historical perspective to showcase the artwork as it would have originally been presented, be antique or contemporary,  Cadres staff understand the care necessary when working with fine art, and are fortunate to work with pieces from the great masters including Monet, Degas, Whistler, Picasso, Pollack, Bacon, Warhol and dozens of other extraordinary works. 

At Cadre, expanding our clients' knowledge and appreciation of the fine art of picture framing is our passion. In recent years, original hand carved and gilded frames have become recognized as fine antiques with period framing being an important element in architecture and interior design.  Using archival framing techniques and being able to understand the union between art and frame are an intricate part of the preservation and presentation of fine art.